Federal Research Minister Anja Karliczek opens the Science Year 2020 - Bioeconomy.

Science Year 2020 Under the Banner of Bioeconomy

A new motto every year: Since 2000, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and Wissenschaft im Dialog have jointly proclaimed a Science Year. 2020 is all about the bio-economy. 

Direct payments indispensable for competitiveness

Direct Payments Remain CAP Trump Card

In Germany, state governments and associations have positioned themselves: The Federal Government should work towards improvements to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The Federal Government is in a dilemma because she has to reconcile opposing positions.

Rechtsvorschriften für Bio-Landbau ändern sich

New Legislation on Organic Farming

There will be some changes for organic farming when the revised legislation on organic farming becomes binding on 1 January 2021. According to the EU Commission in office at the time, the aim of the revision was to ensure fair competition conditions for farmers, prevent fraud and strengthen consumer confidence.

Focus on Water

Need for action on drinking water supply

Need For Action on Drinking Water Supply Remains

Water is a human right – but millions of people worldwide suffer from water shortages and lack of hygiene. According to the UN World Water Report of 2019, almost one in three had no access to a safe drinking water supply in 2015.

Water shortage more dangerous than ever

Stress Due to Water Shortages

If more than a quarter of renewable water resources are used, there is “water stress” according to the United Nations. According to the World Resource Institute’s (WRI) Water Risk Atlas, 17 countries are even affected by “extremely high water stress”.

Franz Ehrnsperger Lammsbräu on organic and water

“We Finally Need to Take Action!”

In an interview, Dr. Franz Ehrnsperger, Chairman of the Quality Association for Organic Mineral Water and Senior Chef of Neumarkter Lammsbräu explains the positive effects of organic for water.


When it comes to succession, ideal values are more important than money

Non-Material Values Count, Not Just Money

The organic sector is doing well. But the future of many companies is at risk: Often, the succession of owners and management is not regulated. This is also because intellectual values are passed on.

AÖL bietet Leitfaden zur Regelung der Nachfolge

Guide to the Regulation of Succession

Handing over your company to the next generation – it’s no easy task. The AöL has compiled a guide to how this can be achieved successfully. With many, in some cases very personal, reports and assessments, it traces how business and idealistic responsibility was transferred to successors.


The founders of ÖsterReis benefit from the trend towards regionality

ÖsterReis – Benefit from Trend Towards Regionalisation

Rice from Austria? Sounds exotic, which guarantees attention. Anything else you need to be successful can be learned at the start-up ÖsterReis from the Lower Austrian town of Gerasdorf.

PlantAge pursues a different entrepreneurial approach

PlantAge – A Completely Different Entrepreneurial Approach

Regional full provision, agriculture based on solidarity, organised as a cooperative: PlantAge takes a different path, but it is well received: In 2019, the company was awarded with the Next Organic Start-up Audience Award.

Walnussmeisterei Böllersen has success in the Nisce

Walnussmeisterei – Success in the Niche

Nuts are very much in vogue in terms of nutrition, but are only very rarely cultivated in Germany. The company Wallnussmeisterei has discovered a niche – and developed it.

BonVenture analyst Paul Garte on start-ups in the organic sector

Organic Start-Ups Want to Grow, But Not Just Economically

Paul Garte, investment analyst at the investment company BonVenture, on start-ups in the organic sector, their prospects and differences to other sectors.