AöL Executive Board: Seeing Crisis as an Opportunity

For the Association of Organic Food Producers (AöL), its executive board, Dr. Alexander Beck, is calling for changed behaviour patterns after the corona pandemic. For they could help to overcome the environmental crisis.

“Creating manageable, regional structures, exploiting the advantages of digitisation and assuming responsibility towards society”, are challenges that were increasingly addressed by the corona crisis and which must now be further addressed, according to Dr. Alexander Beck, Managing Director of the Association of Organic Food Producers (aoel.org). “Many of the changes in our behaviour and in our values are an opportunity – also for overcoming the environmental crisis”, Beck sums up. After all, it has not only become clear what the central importance of food supplies is. But also that global thinking and regional action are compatible.

“Green Deal” as a milestone

According to the Corona trend towards regionalisation, there should be “no return to ‘business as usual'”, but only a “forward to a robust, green transformation”. The “Green Deal” of the European Union (EU) was a milestone in this respect.

With the Green Deal, the EU wants to meet the climate- and environment-related challenges in order to have no more net greenhouse gas emissions in 2050. According to the European Commission, this will require “substantial investment, especially in agriculture, including to address major environmental challenges such as biodiversity loss and pollution”.

Strengthening cooperation

According to Beck, the EU measures and support within the framework of the Green Deal, coupled with “sustainable economies, modern, sustainable lifestyles and changes in our consumer behaviour”, offer “a real opportunity for transformation”.