Sante Naturkosmetik is launching hair care in solid form for the first time at the end of May. The soap blocks are available in two product lines, each replacing two 250 millilitre plastic bottles.

In the fight to reduce plastic waste, Sante Naturkosmetik has now developed a hair shampoo that comes in the form of a classic soap block, packed in a folding box made of recycled fibres.

The solid shampoo will be available in two versions from the end of May: As a shine care shampoo with the active ingredients of birch leaves, shea and cocoa butter and as a moisturizing care shampoo, which is based on aloe vera and mango in addition to the two types of butter mentioned above. It is also supposed to smell of the latter, while the shiny version is based on a vanilla-coconut note. The shine care shampoo can also reduce hair loss, as birch promotes the blood circulation in the scalp, thus strengthening the hair.

Scalp massage

In his recommendation for use, Sante ( advises to wet the hair well before using the solid shampoo and also to moisten the wash block. To protect lengths and ends, the lather should be distributed and massaged into the hair, especially at the roots and on the scalp. When rinsing, the entire hair is then supplied with the care product anyway.

The shampoo block should dry after each use – for example in a soap bag or a pebble bed. According to Sante, a solid shampoo is equivalent to 500 millilitres of liquid shampoo.