Parallel to the launch of BioFach, the winners of the university competition in the Science Year 2020 were honoured in Berlin. 15 student projects on bioeconomy received prize money of 10,000 Euros each.

Bioeconomy – and thus the sustainable use of natural materials and resources – is the theme of the Science Year 2020. Individual applications such as biofuels or compostable plastics are well known. “Bio-economy”, on the other hand, the concept that combines the elements into a circular economy organized by society as a whole, is still largely unknown to the public.

This is supposed to change this year. As part of the university competition for the Science Year 2020 – Bioeconomy “Show your research”, which was launched by the Science in Dialogue (WiD) initiative, ideas and concepts for communicating research projects dealing with bioeconomy were sought. With their contribution to the competition, the young researchers are expected to make their work accessible to a broad public and at the same time highlight its social importance.

The eight-member jury has now decided; the winners were announced on February 12th. A comic strip about bioeconomy, circular economy with mushrooms, and science journalism workshops for schoolchildren: with ideas like these, young scientists from all over Germany hope to stimulate a social dialogue on sustainable economic activity.

15 student projects on the bioeconomy will each receive 10,000 Euro in this competition funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The winning teams come from Aachen, Bayreuth, Braunschweig, Bremen, Düsseldorf, Freiburg, Hamburg, Hohenheim, Iserlohn, Kassel, Mittweida, Nuremberg and Osnabrück. They will use the prize money to put their ideas into practice until December 2020. Then, the jury will once again assess the communication projects that have been implemented. Until then, the teams will keep the public informed about their progress via a blog.