Oat Drinks and Body Butter – the Organic Trends of the Year

The market research company BioVista collects scanner data from 260 organic markets and specialty stores in its retail panel, uses this data to analyse current trends in the organic trade and can thus provide impulses for retailers. The Rapunzel brand and Barista oat drinks by Natumi are very much in vogue.

BioVista evaluated about 27.5 million receipts for its analysis of the trends of the sales year 2019. One third of the participating companies were organic supermarkets with a sales area of more than 400 square metres, organic specialty stores with a sales area of between 200 and 399 square metres accounted for just over a quarter of the companies surveyed, organic food stores with a shop floor of between 100 and 200 square metres 28 percent and 13 percent were small organic food stores with a retail area of up to 99 square metres.

Overall, the retail panel represents a tenth of the number of organic shops in Germany, however, the organic food giant Alnatura is not represented. The evaluation of 2019 showed, in comparison to 2018, an average growth in turnover of 5.3 percent for the large and medium-sized stores. The sales of the small health food shops even increased by 5.5 percent on average, with the larger specialist shops at the bottom of the league, where turnover increased by 4.2 percent. The fact that the average turnover of all participating stores has grown, indicates a generally stronger demand for organic products.

Rapunzel most popular brand

BioVista also offers data on which brands and newly launched products sell best. According to this data, Rapunzel accounted for the largest average share of total sales of the receipts analysed (slightly less than 5 per cent), followed by Denn’s BioMarkt own brand dennree with approximately 2.75 per cent.

Followfood is one of the rising stars of 2019, with sales of the start-up company’s products up 20 percent on the previous year. This corresponds to the growing sales in the frozen fish, fish fingers, etc. segment, which, according to BioVista, was up 16 percent. Sales of nut puree, chocolate and chocolate spread each increased by 11 percent.

Dennree leads in the fresh food segment

In order to conduct a more precise trend analysis, the market research company breaks down the products sold into segments: Fresh (62.7 percent of total sales), dry products (25.5 percent), beverages (5.4 percent), cosmetics (4.1 percent), spa products (0.6 percent) and other/nonfood (1.6 percent). The fresh produce segment is highly competitive, with dennree being the strongest selling brand with 7.1 percent of total sales, closely followed by Andechser with 6.8 percent. This is followed by BioVerde (6.3 percent), Söbbeke and Berchtesgardener Land (6.1 percent each). The most popular new product of 2019 was Natumi’s Barista oat drink.

Among the dry products, Rapunzel again performed best, with the brand accounting for 18.8 percent of sales in this segment in 2019. Here too, dennree is in second place, 6.2 percent of total sales in the dry segment were accounted for by this brand. The white almond paste from Europe (500 grams) by Rapunzel was the top new product in this segment in 2019, followed by Bio Planete’s virgin coconut oil.

Voelkel leads in beverages

Hessian organic beverage manufacturer Voelkel leads the beverage segment with an 18.1 percent share of total sales. Also popular are the brand Riegel (8.3 percent) and the beer produced by the Neumarkter Lammsbräu brewery (6.8 percent).

In the cosmetics segment, the established brands Dr. Hauschka (28 percent), Weleda (16.2 percent) and Lavera (8.9 percent) account for more than half of total sales. Thus, the top two new products in this segment are also products bearing the Weleda brand: Skin Food Body Butter and Skin Food Light.