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Payback is everywhere, its dissemination is immense. Oekobonus, on the other hand, is picky and focuses entirely on sustainability. With Payback you get points, with Oekobonus you get bees. Today, the new customer loyalty program for the organic sector was presented.

Oekobonus eG was founded in September 2018 as a community of values by several companies, including organic supermarkets, organic hotels and GLS Gemeinschaftsbank.

The Oekobonus website states that the sustainable and cross-sectoral bonus programme aims to support environmentally friendly and resource-saving consumer lifestyles. Oekobonus and its partners promoted and rewarded greater awareness of sustainable purchasing behaviour. The initiators of this programme are using digital technology in an environmentally friendly way and are offering an app instead of the usual card. With this app, bees can be collected and redeemed using a QR code. The app also contains current customer coupons. However, promotions are not planned until April.

Five partners to start with

Following the motto “Together for a better world”, points can first be collected, redeemed and donated at the founding partners Bio Hotels, ebl-naturkost and Superbiomarkt. GLS Bank and Waschbär will follow at a later date. Which other sustainable partners will participate in the programme, is not yet determined. The bonus programme rewards 1 percent of a customer’s purchases: For every 1 Euro turnover, the customer receives 1 Bee, which is worth 1 Cent when exchanged.

The idea was born during a meeting between Dirk Kannacher and Michael Radau, Chairman of the Board of SuperBioMarkt AG in Münster, as can be read in the GLS blog. Then, the Bio Hotels were won over, which brought the idea of Oekobonus to the attention of Katharina Hupfer, managing director of the Triaz Group in Freiburg. The Freiburg-based group includes the brand Waschbär.

The goal is to promote awareness

The GLS blog quotes Dirk Kannacher, Member of the Board of Management of GLS Bank, as saying: “The cooperative wants to actively contribute to maintaining or improving the living conditions of current and future generations. The partners stand for holistic and sustainable management along the entire value creation chain.”

According to the GLS blog, the instruments developed by Oekobonus eG were aimed at

  • offering consumers a compass for sustainable living,
  • making people’s actions transparent and
  • promoting awareness of their own actions.

The idea of a sustainable bonus system is not new: “Reward for a sustainable life” (Belohnung für ein nachhaltiges Leben) is the motto of the Grünkauf bonus system, which was founded in 2007 and has been operating as a sustainability network since 2012. Consumers can currently collect and redeem points at around 140 partner companies.