Ministry of Agriculture involves practitioners in the development of the Agricultural Strategy 2035 bindet Praktiker bei Entwicklung der Ackerbaustrategie 2035 ein

Online Survey on Agricultural Strategy

The Federal Ministry of Agriculture offers farmers, scientists, agricultural and environmental associations to participate online in the development of the “Agricultural Strategy 2035”.

Experts advise vaccination against boar taint

Initiative for Vaccination Against Boar Taint

 The Länderarbeitsgemeinschaft Ökologischer Landbau (LÖK) has spoken out against immunocastration in the course of the discussion on anaesthetic-free piglet castration. Associations and corporations are now vehemently demanding that vaccination against boar odour will be further permitted.

Bitkom expert Andreas Schweikert on digitization in agriculture

“Digitization is an Important Pillar in the Sustainable Transformation of Agriculture”

Andreas Schweikert, agriculture officer of the digital association Bitkom, on the interaction between ecology and technology and the challenges that digital developments bring with them in agriculture – such as the serious danger from hackers.

Biofruitnet make methods for organic plant protection accessible throughout Europe

European Project to Strengthen Networks in Organic Fruit Growing

Making successful methods in organic plant protection accessible throughout Europe is the aim of the “Biofruitnet” project initiated by Naturland. Through the exchange of knowledge between farmers, advisers and research institutes, innovations in organic fruit growing are to be promoted – and the competitiveness of European organic fruit growing is to be strengthened.

Avoid supply bottlenecks for organic spices through contract farming

Organic spices are a sensitive market

The demand for organic spices is growing. Due to the high proportion of imports and the growing risk of weather-related crop failures, even the procurement of organic spices is a challenge. Many producers therefore rely on contract farming.

Naturland calls for the supply chain law to be introduced

Getting the Supply Chain Bill Passed

After its three-day spring meeting, which was held via video conference, Naturland appeals to the Federal Government to get the planned Supply Chain Act off the ground before the end of this legislative period.

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