Commercial kitchens use organic products too rarely

A Lot of Organic Potential is Wasted in Large Kitchens

German canteens and school canteens still have some catching up to do when it comes to organic food. This is to change. But consistent conversion means more than just exchanging products. A look at neighbouring European countries, which are already further ahead in the field of organic out-of-home catering, can be helpful.

BÖLN finances online tool key figures for direct marketing

Evaluate Farm Shop From a Business Perspective

At the end of the day, it’s the numbers that count – whether it’s a new opening or a long-term direct marketing campaign. If you want to analyze the economic strengths and weaknesses of your farm shop, you can use the online tool “KennDi”.

Natural cosmetics company Weleda starts with City Spa Hamburg

Weleda Opens Second City Spa

The producer of natural cosmetics and anthroposophical medicines, Weleda, has been present with a City Spa in Hamburg since the beginning of the year. The second spa in Germany is scheduled to open in Stuttgart in the summer. The Weleda brand should thus gain publicity.

Cupper increases tea sales thanks to innovative packaging

British High Flyer

The tea brand Cupper brings the Allos Hof-Manufaktur a double-digit increase in turnover. The secret is high-quality tea blends in upbeat yet recyclable packaging.

Study proves: Young people hardly drink organic wine

“Young People Hardly Buy Organic Wine”

Katherine Hauck is doing her doctorate on the acceptance of organic wine in Germany. She has discovered that young people usually buy it only by chance. However, explanations about the cultivation and processing of the organically produced wine increase the willingness to buy.

New regulation for sugar in infant teas

Sweetening of Infant and Toddler Teas Prohibited

The Federal Council has passed an ordinance banning the sweetening of children’s teas. In the past, instant teas in particular have come under fire because of their high sugar content. Although the organic industry has long been setting a good example, it must also react.

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