The discounter Lidl wants to sensitize consumers to the added value of local and high-quality organic products. For this purpose, the company is running a campaign to help farmers make a big impression.

By 2025, Lidl plans to increase the proportion of organic or Bioland food to ten percent of its fixed product range. According to the company, it hopes to promote more sustainable agriculture and food production in order to enable more companies to convert to the Bioland criteria. The precondition for this is of course a further increasing demand for Bioland products.

Therefore, Lidl has now launched a campaign. Bioland products are to be made better known and the appreciation for the additional expenditure of the high-quality products is to be promoted. The focus is on the value of local Bioland products and the producing farmers (in the picture above Stefanie Neumeyer, Bioland egg farmer from Groß Wüstenfelde).

“We want to bring high-quality organic products to the centre of society”, says Christof Mross, Managing Director Purchasing of Lidl Germany. Currently, the company permanently stocks around 325 organic individual articles, of which around 75 products are produced according to Bioland guidelines.