“Young People Hardly Buy Organic Wine”

Katherine Hauck is doing her doctorate on the acceptance of organic wine in Germany. She has discovered that young people usually buy it only by chance. However, explanations about the cultivation and processing of the organically produced wine increase the willingness to buy.

The sustainability movement of younger consumers, in this case the 20- to 30-year-olds, has no effect on their buying behaviour with wine. This is the result of a series of interviews that Katharine Hauck conducted for her doctorate on the subject of organic wine at the University of Applied Sciences in Geisenheim. She interviewed a total of 94 people from Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich. The doctoral student reported her findings in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

Organic seal hidden

According to Hauck, some of the interviewees did not even know that organic wine existed. Others were not aware that there were differences to conventionally produced wine. Because the grape juice is generally regarded as a very natural product. Organic wine is bought more by chance – for example, because one is shopping in an organic food store – and not as a conscious decision.

The latter is also made more difficult because the organic seal is on the back of the bottle and is therefore not a prominent sales argument. And: Hauck has noted a “general distrust” of the organic seals.

Education creates sales

The doctoral student reports that an experiment has shown how to motivate young people to buy organic wine: If one explains how organic wine is controlled and certified and which seal stands for what, a subsequent survey showed that the willingness to buy and pay for it increased significantly.

In the next step of her test, the facts were supported by pictures, as if from a vineyard where the entire soil had been greened after the application of herbicides. This had further increased the acceptance of organic wine. Conclusion of the marketing expert: “The new environmental movement is certainly helping to change awareness.  (streichen) However, it is strange “that the successes achieved by organic winegrowers are so little known”.