Lidl starts campaign with Bioland products

Lidl Focuses on Bioland Farmers

The discounter Lidl wants to sensitize consumers to the added value of local and high-quality organic products. For this purpose, the company is running a campaign to help farmers make a big impression.

Bioland partner to better integrate producers, processors and traders

Bioland Partner Association Newly Founded

The Bioland market partners have founded a further association as a subdivision of the Bioland association: the Bioland Partner association. This is intended to ensure that manufacturers, processors and traders are more closely integrated into the association’s work.

Allnatura packs lentils, ketchup, rice and cane sugar in deposit jars

Even More Deposit Glass at Alnatura

Now Alnatura also offers ketchup, lentils, rice and cane sugar in a deposit jar. The company is thus once again focusing on recycling management. Step by step, Alnatura intends to further expand the use of returnable glass in its product range.

Henkel breaks new ground in natural cosmetics

Pilot Project from Henkel and Amazon

The natural cosmetics brand N.A.E., which belongs to Henkel Beauty Care, started an e-commerce pilot project with Amazon. With less packaging material and optimized supply chain processes, the brand intends to further emphasize its commitment to sustainability.

BÖLN finances online tool key figures for direct marketing

Evaluate Farm Shop From a Business Perspective

At the end of the day, it’s the numbers that count – whether it’s a new opening or a long-term direct marketing campaign. If you want to analyze the economic strengths and weaknesses of your farm shop, you can use the online tool “KennDi”.

Specification on soil and plant protection

Guidelines for Soil and Plant Protection

Seals are intended to ensure transparency in the organic market. But what exactly is the difference between “Bio light” and “Premium-Bio”? How do the certifications work and what do they mean for producers? We offer you an overview of soil and plant protection.

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